International OMEGA Youth Council (IO-Uth)

The OMEGA International Youth Council is a fantastic opportunity for high school and college students to get first-hand experience working in the fields of management, environmentalism, networking, social media, and research. Students get to choose the projects they work on to help the OMEGA system; from working on technological improvements, to researching possible locations, to fundraising. Not only does the membership on the Council build incredible life skills and academic skills, it looks fantastic on college applications and job applications. Youth Council members get to pitch the OMEGA technology to working professionals, global leaders, and scientists. They have the opportunity to work with NASA scientist, Dr. Jonathan Trent, and many other working professionals striving to make the world a better place. On the council, students get the opportunity to make a difference in their local and global community by supporting a number of unique projects. Students have an option to work on one or more of the projects below:

    1. Youth council members are looking into bays and cities to find potential sites for the OMEGA system by looking at weather conditions, accessibility of treatment plants, and integration with the local community. Currently, there are a number of locations that students are looking into as possible locations for the OMEGA system to be implemented in Australia, China, Tonga, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Mexico, Puerto Rico and other places in South & Central America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The OIYC members will be given an area of the globe to focus their research. Site research will focus primarily on Internet information, which can include published descriptions, as well as contact with local experts through social media.
    2. Students working on recruiting and networking will have the opportunity to speak at events in their community to raise awareness about OMEGA and find more Youth Council members.
    3. Council members with language skills and/or cross-cultural communications skills can collaborate with OMEGA ambassadors all over the world to expand our network, raise funds, and/or improve technologies. 
    4. Students can fundraise and start OMEGA clubs at their school. 
    5. Occasionally, we will bring students with science and/or engineering backgrounds to work on technological systems that address biological and environmental issues. 
    6. Council members with coding skills have the opportunity to work on our social media pages and website. 


    1. Interest in helping communities and the environment
    2. Presentation skills
    3. Microsoft Word
    4. Microsoft Excel
    5. Team worker


    1. Oral and written skills in a second or third language 
    2. Experience in biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, etc.
    3. Business experience
    4. Job experience 
    5. Research experience
    6. Coding and website design
    7. Social Media blogging
    8. SEO

On OMEGA International Youth Council, we broaden horizons and develop skills in leadership, networking, business, science, and social media. Youth Council members strengthen their time management, organizational, and presentation skills, while having the opportunity to work on cross-cultural communication with a diversity of people from different fields and backgrounds. Working on the youth council takes initiative, knowledge, and leadership. 

Want to Join? The OMEGA International Youth Council is recruiting students who want to make a difference in the global environment. OMEGA is looking for members with a passion to learn and experience in one or more of the projects above.  You may be a valuable assets for the OMEGA International Youth Council and think what you will be able to tell your children when they ask you: What did you do to change the world? 

We are looking forward to working with you!


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The OMEGA Youth Council Members

Vanessa Thompson
Founder, OMEGA International Youth Council

Vanessa Thompson is the Founder of the OMEGA International Youth Council, a member of The Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots Youth Council, and founder of, a nonprofit she created to help middle schoolers enjoy building math skills.  In 2014, StorybookMath received a certificate of Special Recognition from U.S. Congress and the California State Senate for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). She is the first high schooler to become a member of the Sigma Nu Tau National Collegiate Entrepreneurship Society and has spoken at Stanford University, John F. Kennedy University, the Kentucky State Educator’s Forum and the X-STEM Extreme STEM Symposium USA Science & Tech Festival in Washington D.C.. Vanessa has traveled to 40 nations and loves learning about different cultures. Her goals are to pursue environmentalism and mitigate the effects of climate change by marketing sustainable products using customer analytics.

Marco Ingrassia
OMEGA Youth Council

My name is Marco Ingrassia, I’m 18 years old I come from Argentina and I’m a senior in San Pablo Institute in Mendoza, I love climbing and running. I’m studying to be a doctor one day. Some of my accomplishments are creating the first San Pablo’s first students council in 40 years and running for the nationals science competitions for Sueño Verde, a project that I’m currently working on. The OMEGA system is absolutely great, I think is a very intelligent way to save the planet while taking care of our economies. I’m working on how to use it here in my country, I think Rio de la Plata is a great place to develop this technology.

Laurie Findley
OMEGA Youth Council

Laurie Findley is from Florida, and is currently a freshman at University of Virginia. She is an ANNpower Fellow, and a member of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots and Shoots National Youth Leadership Council. She is also the founder of an anti- human trafficking initiative called Tasting Freedom, which has the goal of connecting individuals and groups working against human trafficking with the hope of having a larger impact. With two grants from Vital Voices, she has held human trafficking awareness marches and seminars across the globe. Laurie has also completed biological research at Florida State University and is interested in pursuing a career in scientific research. On the OMEGA International Youth Council, Laurie researches potential locations to support the OMEGA system.

Crystal Huang
OMEGA Youth Council

Crystal Huang is a senior at Los Gatos High School.  She is a social media manager for OMEGA. Crystal plays varsity water polo and swims for her high school teams, and she also participates in policy debate.  She’s the Vice Chair of the Los Gatos Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission, and she’s also a member of the Los Gatos Youth Commission.  In the future, she hopes to go either into communications with a bioethics background, law, or medicine.

Mariah Lin
OMEGA Youth Council

Mariah Lin is from Los Angeles, California and is currently a freshman at Wellesley College. She is a National Youth Leader for Jane Goodall’s youth program, Roots & Shoots, which seeks to encourage young people to make a difference for humans, animals, and the environment by starting in their own local communities. Mariah is the co-founder of Kindling Hope, an organization that establishes educational enrichment summer programs for youth in developing communities to promote sustainable development, access to education, and cultural dialogue. On the OMEGA council, Mariah researches possible locations that would support an OMEGA system. As a former congressional intern, she hopes to one day serve in public office, giving a voice to underrepresented communities. You can find her playing water polo and exploring ice cream flavors.

Arunima Roy
OMEGA Youth Council

Arunima was born in India and moved to the U.S. when she was six. She volunteers at the Stony Brook Medicine, at beach clean ups, and anywhere around town where she can help. She loves to use her hobbies such as dancing and acting in making others smile. Her goal is to a positive difference in her community. And with these little differences she makes, she wishes to start butterfly effect. She has won a President’s Award for community service, is the vice president in her environmental club and is a part of the Root’s & Shoots National Leadership Council. She is researching several areas in OMEGA, such as India and Taiwan, for its environment and other features.

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