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NASA News Release, 2009.  “NASA Envisions ‘clean energy’ from algae grown in wastewater.

Trent, Jonathan D. 2009. NASA bags algae, wastewater in bid for aviation fuel. New York Times, May 2009.

Trent, Jonathan D. 2009. NASA Ames for Future Fuel from Algae-Filled Bags of Sewage. May, 2009.

Jeremy Hsu. Dec. 2009.  NASA uses algae to turn sewage into fuel.

Trent, Jonathan D. 2011. A.I.M. Interviews / AIM Interview: NASA’s OMEGA Scientist, Dr. Jonathan Trent

Trent, Jonathan D. NASA and the Navy Developing the Fuel of the Future.
Navy Currents Magazine – Spring 2011

Trent, Jonathan D. 2012. NASA plans algae farms for jet fuel. Pune Mirror, April 2012

Trent, Jonathan D. 2013. NASA Invites Media to Tour OMEGA System. Algae Industry Magazine April 13, 2012.

Trent, Jonathan D. A green future: NASA’s $10 million project explores algae as fuel source, Santa Cruz Sentinel, May 2012.

Trent, Jonathan D.  NASA’s OMEGA Project Creates Carbon Neutral Food and Fuel Inhabitat, June 2011.
Trent, Jonathan D.  2012.  The Big Idea: Stop hunting energy, start growing it.  New Scientist, August 25, 2012 p. 30-33.

Trent, Jonathan D. 2012.  Grow your own energy.  Slate Magazine.

Marine Explore Blog. 2013  NASA OMEGA Project: The Ocean as a Platform for Biofuel  Biofuels.

Energy Next Magazine (India). 2013.  India has great potential for developing OMEGA systems`3-EN.pdf

Jonathan Trent. 2014.  The OMEGA Global Initiative.  Future Talk

Jonathan Trent and the OMEGA Project. August 2014.  Sea Change Radio Interview

Huffington Post Blog. 2015. Can Pond Scum Save the World?

Technical Publications

Trent, Jonathan D. 2009.  Wind, Sea, and Algae.  Proceedings of the 1st International OMEGA conference.  Lolland, DK—May 2009

Trent, Jonathan D. 2010.  The Oceans:  The World’s Energy Frontier?  Marine Scientist Vol. 30: 16-18.

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Wiley, P.W. et al. 2013.  Microalgae cultivation using Offshore Membrane Enclosures for Growing Algae.  Journal of Sustainable Bioenergy Systems.  Vol. 3(1): 18-32. (open access on line:

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