President, Biocepts International
Florida, USA

Mr. Dugger has contributed to commercial biotechnology research and business development (closed system aquaculture food production, nutrient/energy recovery, marine related product development, testing and aquaculture training) during his 43 year career. His most recent and or ongoing professional activities include:

The design and development – including the economic feasibility analysis and modeling – of a fully vertically integrated, economy-of-scale optimized, strategically integrated species, multi-trophic aquaculture business model called VIEOS and its commercial implementation.
The economic feasibility analysis of industrial algae biofuel and particularly for systems using algal based waste nutrient/energy recovery from aquaculture, CAFOs and municipal sewages systems.
The economic feasibility analysis of large-scale intensive on-land spiny lobster production technology development.
During his career he has provided start-up, project management and advisories for Fortune 500 new venture projects: (Ralston Purina, Sun Oil Co., AMFAC, and others). Mid-sized private companies, private investors, Federal and state development and or demonstration programs (AGRO 21, OPIC, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, US Army Corps. Of Engineers, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, City of Eastham, MA, University of FL and the FL Dept. of Ag., and others) and founding several private companies.

In aquaculture, he has worked in the development of successful business models through economic feasibility analysis, research and development, design and construction of semi-intensive to super-intensive aquaculture (crustaceans, fish and algae) production system technologies. He has designed and invented associated production and harvest machinery and products for use in commercial aquaculture production including:

advanced harvesting systems
stocking and harvest enumeration systems
high-volume predator/competitor filtration systems
computer automated feeding distribution systems
harvest systems with precise real time quantification abilities
aquaculture nutrition testing laboratories and test systems
health/therapeutic products
marine environmental impact consumer product testing
As a consultant he has provided professional guidance, training, feasibility analysis, problem solving, technology and environmental audits, and site assessment, layout, design, operation and management services in 21+ countries for over 40 corporations, government agencies and financial institutions around the world.