Strategic Advisor, OMEGA Global Initiative
Location: San Francisco, CA


Erica Tuten, MBA, is a Strategic Advisor for OMEGA Global Initiative and resides in San Francisco, CA. Her experience spans from serving as Director and Founder of Venture Biosciences Group, Inc. a consultancy that specializes in global business, innovation, sustainable product development, cross-functional program management, strategic operations, product portfolio positioning, international affairs, regulatory/quality, and business development within life sciences, biotechnology and environmental industries. Erica has served as an advisor/consultant for multiple fortune 500 companies including Genentech and Roche. She has also held leadership roles for MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Life Technologies, ThermoFisher Scientific and BioMarin. She has led several large scale, strategically significant global programs and implementations. Erica is passionate about sustainable living, alternative/clean energy and technology, conservation, climate change issues, circular economies, smart cities, green technology, entrepreneurship, animal rights, travel, photography, public policy, women in leadership and start-ups.