Location: United Kingdom


Ichin is director and co-founder of Sustainable Innovation Lab, a consultancy which helps governments and businesses to innovate and become more sustainable. Over 20 years of international professional experience in the field of environment related to green business, climate change, policy response to mitigation and adaption, city climate change action plan development, best practice of low carbon city, green growth and circular economy, supply chain, clean technology, sustainable materials and products, etc. The clients include the EU Commission, UK Defra, Apple, Ihobe (Spain), UL, ARUP, BSI, NIKE, Taiwan ITRI, City of Paris, etc.

She is the advisory board expert of EC Horizon 2020 of Industrial Leadership ( LEIT-NMBP) –‘ Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies, Nanotechnologies, Biotechnology, Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing’ ( LEIT-NMBP) and the advisory board member for international cooperation 2014-2016.. EC Horizon 2020 is the biggest Research and Innovation programme in the world with nearly €78 billion of funding for 2014-2020. In last two years, she has worked closely with other EU Horizon 2020 Industrial Leadership experts over circular economy industrial strategy.

She has been involved in many international expert committees and advisory boards including EC foresight panels on European Industrial Landscape Vision (2025) & Systemic Eco-innovation/Eco-industries, 2035: Paths towards a sustainable EU economy – Sustainable transitions and the potential of eco-innovation for jobs and economic development in the EU eco-industries 2035,Green Growth Econom, Geen business and sustainable technology: Industrial Sustainable Development Journal, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) Climate Change Policy Committee, guidance counselor of National Chi Nan University and Global eco-island conference. She was previously the R&D Director for the US/China-based Sustainable Development Technology Foundation and worked in many different countries in EC, US and Asia.

Ichin is also a regular international conference and event speaker. The topics of lectures cover wide range topics from climate change, sustainable business, circular economy, Asia and sustainability, low carbon cities, green growth, clean tech, green procurement.

Ichin co-authored eight books and more than 250 environmental reports and research papers. She holds a Masters degree in Geography and Environmental Engineering from the John Hopkins University in the US and an EMBA fellowship from the Cambridge University in the UK. She speaks English, Chinese, Taiwanese.