Prof. Emeritus, Biology, University of California
California, USA

Professional Preparation
Tucson Senior High School (1954); University of Chicago, Zoology, BSc. (1958), Stanford University, Biology, Ph.D.(1964)

Professional Appointments
American University of Cairo, Egypt: Assistant Professor (1965-1968); ); California Institute of Technology, Pasadena: Research Fellow (1968-1971); University of California, Santa Cruz: Assistant to Full Professor, Biology (1971-1994), Professor Emeritus (1994-present).

Editorial responsibilities
Co-editor, Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates, 7 volumes (1969-1991); Regional Editor, Marine Biology (1974-1976); Editorial Board, Invert. Repro. & Develop (1978-present); Editorial Advisor, Marine Ecology Progress Series (1979-1995); Board of Reviewers, Science (1985-1988); Associate Editor, Encyclopedia of Reproduction, 2 volumes (1996-1998).

Western Society of Naturalists, President (1983); Santa Cruz City Museum Association, President (1985-86); International Society of Invertebrate Reproduction, Vice Pres./President, (1989-98}; California Academy of Sciences, Trustee/President (1994-2003); Sea Studios Foundation, Board Member (1996-2012); Sigma Xi, Univ. California, Santa Cruz chapter, Vice Pres/ President (1996-1999); The Otter Project, Board Member (1999-2011); Soc. for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Program Officer (1999-2002), Pres.-elect./President/Past Pres. (2005-11); Long-term Monitoring Program and Experiential Training for Students (LiMPETS), Founder and continuing volunteer (2000-present); Friends of Hopkins Marine Station, Board Member (2005-present); Calif. Marine Life Protection Act Initiative, Central Coast Regional Stakeholders Group (2005-06); Save Our Shores, Science Advisory Committee (2007-present); Pacific Grove Natural History Museum, Museum Board (City appointed) (2007-present), Chair (elected) (2011-present).

Awards, Honors
Antarctic Service Award, overwintering party (1960-1961); American University of Cairo, Egypt, Student Body Best Teacher Award (1966); California Academy of Sciences, Fellow (1978), Fellows Medal (2011); University of California, Santa Cruz, Alumni Distinguished Teacher Annual Award, (1982), Re-Entry Program Teacher of the Year (1994), Academic Senate Committee on Teaching, Excellence in Teaching Award (1997); American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow (1983); Rugilepus pearsei barnacle on urchin named by Grygier and Newman (1991); National Research Council, Ocean Studies Board, Certificate of Appreciation (1994); Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Annual Recognition Award for Science, then for Education (1994, 2003), Ricketts Memorial Lecture Award (2004); International Society of Invertebrate Reproduction, Life-time Membership Recognition Award (2007); Western Society of Naturalists, Lifetime Achievement Award (with Vicki Pearse)(2008); Odontaster pearsei, Antarctic sea star named by Janosik and Halanych (2010); Monterey County Weekly, Local Hero (2011).

(>140 total in peer-reviewd journals and edited volumes, and co-author two text books on invertebrate biology). Two most cited in Google Scholar: Lessios, H.A., B.D. Kessing, and J.S. Pearse. 2001. Population structure and speciation in tropical seas: Global phylogeography of the sea urchin Diadema. Evolution, 55:955-975. Pearse, J.S., J.B. McClintock and I. Bosch, 1991. Reproduction of Antarctic benthic marine invertebrates: Tempos, modes, and timing. Amer. Zool., 31: 65-80.

Mentored students
>100 undergraduate senior theses, 25 masters students, 17 doctoral students, 5 postdoctoral students.