President, DOER Marine
California, USA

Over the past seventeen years Taylor, along with husband Ian Griffith, have grown DOER from a consulting and field services firm to a full service engineering solutions company, occupying a fifty five thousand square foot historic building in the Alameda Marina.

Taylor oversees business development, government contracts, marketing, writing and educational outreach. Clients include marine contracting firms, commercial diving companies, oil and gas service companies, government, law enforcement, environmental response, search and rescue, offshore wind farm services firms, aquaculture firms, mega-yachts, expedition yachts, film production companies, universities, and marine science institutions.

Project Deepsearch is an endeavor to build a human occupied submersible capable of full ocean depth, providing unlimited ocean access to science. Advanced materials including glass are central to the program. The HOV 1000 design leveraged the Deepsearch R&D program for a smaller, 1000m rated, submersible.

DOER’s applied science ROVs have been used for a variety of tasks The flexible architecture of these systems has allowed them to be deployed from many vessels of opportunity from polar to tropical seas in depths to 6500m.

Taylor’s philosophy for DOER is to “make a dollar but make a difference”. To that end, the company works to implement internship programs and to disseminate findings of research and field projects with the scientific community.