Co-founder & CEO, Quantellia
Location: California & Colorado, USA


Mark Zangari is co-founder and CEO of Mountain View California-based Quantellia, which offers data, machine learning, and decision intelligence software and services worldwide. The co-founder of the field of Decision Intelligence, Zangari has a multidisciplinary background in both advanced research and commercial software product development.  In 2000, he successfully spearheaded the launch of independent software vendor SPATIALinfo Inc.’s US operations, where he served Chief Technical Officer (CTO), and pioneered one of the world’s largest enterprise-scale GIS systems.

Mr. Zangari’s career includes academic research into the factors leading to effective reasoning in both qualitative and quantitative decision making.   As well as teaching this subject at La Trobe University, he was also principal architect of the STATPLAY software system—a ground-breaking tool dedicated to improving the performance of decision makers when reasoning with statistical data. 

Mr. Zangari holds degrees in physics, philosophy, and computer science.  In 1993, he was awarded the British Council Postgraduate Bursary for his research, leading to a fellowship at Cambridge University. 

The author of several academic journal articles, Mr. Zangari’s research—including a critique of the science underlying the Big Bang—continues to be the subject of scholarly analysis today.     

Based in Denver, Colorado and Mountain View, California, Mr. Zangari works with clients worldwide.