Engineer, Researcher and Consultant: Sustainable Energy


Shadia Sami Ghadban work experience started at age 24 when she graduated as MSc engineer in electronic designs in 1975. She served in aviation industry for 16 years (1976-1992) and gained experience and education that has been useful  in finding  solutions for sophisticated technical systems and procedures in different engineering and technical management in particular and overall administration of tasks and projects in general. Afterwards she involved herself in all type small private businesses and has been keeping herself abreast, and sometimes specialized, in most various scientific disciplines and businesses. Main focus of her attention is on how scientific research and application enable to provision for sustainable and green way of life and to name but few the renewable and alternative energy and energy efficient systems and applications and examining more concepts to add to environment protection and well being of lives. She conducts her business and provides solutions through her own Arham commercial company and Trade Mark Akwan and with teaming up with renown entities:  THE ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO BE PART NO MATTER HOW SMALL IN THE EFFORTS TO PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT AND ALL FORMS OF LIFE.