Rahmani-Meraits Lyes

North Africa
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Rahmani - Meraits Lyes
Senior Engineer
Oceanographer / Senior Marine Project Manager

OMEGA is a project involving several specialties to remedy the problem of pollution and the production of energy. It is a future project that inspires atypical skills and diverse knowledge, and a concentration of knowledge of the sea, the microbiology of marine construction, etc. These aspects reassure me and I feel myself with OMEGA like a fish in water.

20 years of experience in the field of marine environmental protection, construction coastal area, coastal management (ports, beach resorts, water base).

- Management of marine Ooperations, underwater works, which I am project leader in ULIS Offshore.
- General Underwater and Maritime construction Engineering.
- An aspiring Risk Expert with extensive knowledge of subsea engineering designs and development of underwater works.
- Development of technical and scientific departments.

- Impact assessment or impact of project on marine environment
- Preliminary studies or feasibility studies,
Impact of construction projects or expansion of port infrastructure (recreational or fishing), impact of port maintenance dredging, the impact of gravel extraction (mining licenses, research programs ...), impact of offshore wind projects, impacts discards.
- various projects underwater work
- Underwater Works (purifying station)
- All types of oceanographic work
- Marine HSEQ and submarines
- Artificial Reefs Installment (Impact Oceanographic- Environnemental Report)
- Overall Responsibility for all underwater and marine construction activities with respect to performance, procedure, and making recommendations to project managers for improvements and corrective actions.
- Manage and lead a group of engineers
- Control and Monitor Work progress and Ensure Work Quality -
- Attending Project Execution Meetings
- Overall co-ordination of the work progress of large and complex project -
- responsible for administrative and technical relationship with IMCA IDSA
- Work covers all Marine/Subsea and offshore activities of Engineering Division
- adopt safe working practices at all times in compliance with Health and Safety regulations and company policy Of Underwater and marine works .
Over my professional careers I am in search of causes to protect oceans and coastlines.

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