Vaibhav Diwan

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Vaibhav Diwan
PhD Fellow
Micro-algae Research, Wastewater and Drinking Water Treatment, Outreach and Development.

OMEGA is a realistic way towards utilizing microalgae full potential i.e. offshores! I believe in it, that, it is a way to go for sustainable future. Therefore, I will like to be part of this journey!

Since my bachelor's in biotechnology studies I have been a microalgae enthusiast. I did my Masters in Molecular Biology (from Lund University Sweden) and got trained at Department Experimental Phycology and Culture Collection of Algae (EPSAG) at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany). There I found new microalgal strains for converting CO2-rich flue gasses into valuable biomass. Now I am about to finish my Ph.D. work in few months at Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen. In my Ph.D. I mainly worked with full-scale Wastewater and Drinking water treatment plants (in Oresund Region) and looked specifically into resource diversity links of nitrifying microorganisms in these contrasting environments. Basically, what governs the fate of a certain microorganism to efficiently remain viable both physiologically and functionally in a particular engineered water treatment system? The main idea is, if we understand these factors then we can influence the functionality of the system at the biological level.
I believe I can use my background of microalgae and water treatment processes along with my contacts in universities and with local authorities for benefiting OGI.

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