Videos & TED Talks

Jonathan Trent 2015. Evolution in our environment from Α to Ω. TedxAcademy


Pamela Arthur and Jonathan Trent. 2014. The OMEGA system overview.

OMEGA PROJECT EARTH from Green Waves Film Productions on Vimeo.

Jonathan Trent. 2011.  Can we cultivate energy?  TEDx San Jose.


Bjørn Lomborg, 2010. Cool it movie trailer; Jonathan and OMEGA featured:


Jonathan Trent.  2011.  Fuels and tools for a sustainable future. TEDx Santa Cruz


Jonathan Trent.  2010.  Turning algae into oil the NASA way.  Smart Planet.


Jonathan Trent. TED Global Talk – June 2012.  Energy from floating algae pods.  TED Global site:
YouTube site:


Jonathan Trent. 2013 OMEGA Going Green Presentation.


Jonathan Trent. 2014.  Knowing our limits.  TEDx Youth San Diego


Carrie Brown.  2014. The OMEGA system BAT final project.


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